eggs! from chickens!

we keep our chickens moving around the property so they get new ground every day. they've always got access to new plants and bugs to eat, which keeps them very happy. we sprout organic grains to supplement their browsing and give them organic feed milled close by in Hood River, Oregon.

we've got several breeds currently, including Rhode Island Red, Australorp, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Silkie and some sort of sweet white bantam. we're moving toward raising Buckeyes exclusively, though. Buckeyes are a great breed that's well-adapted to the way things operate here at the Pikku Farm.

the folks at Animal Welfare Approved sent a nice chap out to audit us a while back. he liked what he saw, so our eggs are AWA-certified, which is nice. we could probably also be certified organic, supposing we had a boatload of cash to drop on certification.

the Pikku Farm is WSDA-inspected. so if you want to sell our eggs in your store, or serve them in your restaurant, everything's on the up-and-up.

in the interest of making good, locally-produced food available to everybody in our community, Pikku Farm accepts EBT cards. apart from EBT SNAP benefits, acceptable forms of payment include (but are not limited to) cash money in any extant currency, cashier's check, precious metal, real estate, and first-born children. second-born or later on case-by-case basis.

and how much? five US dollars ($5) buys one dozen chicken eggs. 10¢ discount for bringing your own carton. 50¢ discount for riding your bicycle, walking, or canoeing to the farm (no discount for rollerblading). 50¢ discount for showing a Wobbly red card. for $6/dozen, we'll deliver to your home within Woodland city limits on the bicycle Carrie Sue rode in college (go wildcats?). even in the rain.

one warning about these eggs: they're real fresh. fresh is good, but they'll be difficult to peel if they're boiled. waiting a few weeks or a month to boil them solves the problem, but steaming instead of boiling will give you easy-to-peel eggs without the wait.

call the barn at 360-225-9348 with questions. if somebody's around and there isn't a saw running or a crisis in progress, chances are pretty good that we'll answer the phone. it's a loud ringer.

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