Warré beehives and accessories

Abbé Émile Warré tried out a whole bunch of beehive designs. he decided the best was what he called "The People's Hive" (except in French, because he was, you know, French). beekeeping using Warré hives is really easy. so very easy. you can do it, honest. even you. Warré hives are currently enjoying particular popularity with urban beekeepers, as well as with more rural folks. have a look at David Heaf's Warré website if'n you want to learn a little bit more. but seriously, you can keep some bees. easy.

(hive parts: roof, quilt, bottom board, top cloth, box with bars.)

if I'm building a hive to order, it can sometimes take a little while to get it finished. six weeks isn't out of the ordinary. if you know just what you want, I'll do my best to accomodate you. if you're not exactly sure what you want, maybe because you're just getting started, I'll talk you through some of the possibilities and we'll try to work out the best hive for your situation.

I also generally have some hives already built that you can choose from. check this page for hives that are currently available.

sometimes they will have a chicken on them:

if you just want something functional and affordable, go with the basic hive:

notice: basic hive sold out until I find more lumber. sorry. current stock of lumber is all 1-1/2".

basic cedar Warré hive $150
(why so cheap?)

1" thick Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) lumber
butt joints, brads, glue
top bars (unattached)
four boxes
standard bottom board
burlap for top cloth
telescoping cover

note that the basic hive isn't made of 3/4" lumber anymore. I can still use 3/4" if you like for lighter weight, but the wood isn't any cheaper than 1" (nominal 5/4").

if that doesn't cut it for you, you've got some more options:

top bars fixed with brads $5
top cloth prepared with organic Rye paste $10
integrated top bar spacers $20
screws $20
dowel joints $85
rabbet joints (more precisely: double rabbet joints) $35
thicker lumber (up to 1 1/4", sometimes 1 3/4" depending on available lumber) $30-50
fancy Warré roof $20
screened bottom board with drawer $45
windows $35/box

no bottom board -$10

other possibilities I haven't thought of, but you have $?

I can build you some accessories, too:

stand $45
escape board $30
top feeder $40
rescue frames $5/each

coming soon: Oscar Perone's enormous hives!

if you think of something bee-related that you would like me to build that you don't see listed here, give me a telephone call (360-389-3478) or send some electronic mail.

I might also be able to help you find some bees for your hive. if it's swarm season (late spring to early summer around here), there's a chance I can supply bees with your hive if you're willing to wait a little while and/or take a gamble (definitely not a sure thing). I also sometimes cut feral hives out of folks' walls, and I'm happy to sell those colonies to interested folks. if you want to get a swarm yourself, I recommend it. if you're nervous about that (or just want to learn a lot about bees), Jacqueline gives classes periodically near Battle Ground, Washington, and I believe she'll put you on her swarm list if you take a class.

I prefer not to ship hives because it is a serious hassle to box them up and it's pretty expensive. I'm also not trying to horn in on anybody's business, so if you're not close by, check this page to see if there's somebody near you selling hives. if there's nobody closer or you really really want to buy from me, we might be able to work something out. if you're willing to travel to an Amtrak station with baggage service to pick a hive up, your odds are much better.

and, as always, 10% discount for IWW members, and 10% discount for riding a bike to pick up a hive. quantity discounts starting on orders of five hives or more.

electronic mail: tel@pikkufarm.org
telephone number: 360-389-3478

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